Reviews are important — now more than ever before. To be fair, however, online reviews weren’t really a thing until the last decade or so. Since review platforms like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and even Google Reviews have become prominent, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to demonstrate the quality of your business than to have a solid online reputation.

If you have a lot of one, two, or three-star reviews, things probably won’t go too well for you — regardless of the kind of service or product you offer. Don’t believe us? Here are a few statistics which back up our point:

  • Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times. (Spiegel Research Center)
  • 92 percent of business-to-business buyers have a stronger likelihood of purchasing after reading a trusted review. (G2 Crowd and Heinz marketing)
  • 97 percent of shoppers say that reviews influence buying decisions. (Fan and Fuel)
  • Reviews make 71 percent of customers more comfortable when they buy a product. (3D Cart).

Why Our Reputation Matters To Us

We could go on, but we think our point is pretty clear. No matter what kind of business you have, it’s key to have a solid reputation. But reputation extends beyond your star-rating on Google or Yelp. Word-of-mouth referrals are still a huge part of the equation, and as such they’ll never be completely replaced by online reviews.

Whether your style is asking your friends or checking out a business’ profile online, it doesn’t matter to us. All we can do is control how we treat our customers, so we make a point to go to bat for them no matter what the specifics of their circumstances might be. We are a Waco bail bond agency that has a passion for what we do, and we think the testimonials we highlight below showcase that effectively.

Waco Bail Bond Reviews

At the end of the day, it isn’t about us. It’s about helping folks in Waco (and beyond) find the affordable and reliable bail bond agency they need. What better way to do that than to hear from those who have been in your shoes and know who to turn to? To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, keep reading!

Chase is wonderful and helpful without passing judgment. He has helped me when I’ve needed it most. Thank you, Chase!” – Mickey B., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Mickey, thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are doing. We appreciate your business, five stars, and kind words. Mickey is right; we don’t judge anyone walking through our doors, no matter what they have been accused of doing. All we want to do is help you however we can. If that’s through our public notary services, great! If there are other ways we can go to bat for you, you can bet we will do everything in our power to deliver.

There Is Only One Bondsman That You Need To Call

I have had the opportunity to work with Chase after he reached out in need of bail bond software. During the time in which we have worked together, I have come to learn how he operates Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds and to say that I am impressed is an understatement. Should you need a bondsman who intimately understands the industry and is willing to work with their clients, there is the only bondsman that you need to call, Chase Chapman!” – DB Dugger, Five Stars, Google Reviews

DB, we like your name almost as much as we love reading your thoughtful words here. Thanks for continuing to trust us with any and all of our your bail bond and notary needs. DB is right that we do have significant experience working with Texas courts. We put that experience to work for you whenever we can! Thanks again, DB.

Definitely The Best Around That I’ve Found

Very fast and efficient service. Works with you on payment plans to benefit both parties, definitely the best around that I’ve found. Thank you Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds.” – Kyle U., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Kyle, this kind of review is what reminds us why we love doing what we do. Some might think that being a bail bondsman is a thankless job, but this review directly refutes such thinking! As Kyle explained, we want to form a partnership with you, making sure you understand the details and “fine print” of your agreement with us. That’s how we help folks in their time of need! And that’s what separates us from the competition as well!

Fast! Very helpful and made a payment arrangement that was beneficial for both of us! Best in town by far!!!” – Matt M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Matt, we appreciate your five-star review for its brevity as much as for the vote of confidence. We think we are the best Waco bail bonds agency in town as well! Thanks for backing us up on that claim.

Very fast friendly and discrete service in my time of need. Wouldn’t call anybody else!! Thanks break ’em out bail bonds!!!!!!” – Cody, Five Stars, Google Reviews

We hang our hats on our discretion as much as anything else. We understand that this is a very difficult time in your life. We also understand that you could really use someone in your corner during this challenging season. We have the experience and dedication to do exactly that. Thanks for letting us and others know what kind of bail bond company we are, Mark!

Top notch! FAST and friendly service.” – Shayne M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Sometimes reviews don’t have to be long to be meaningful. Thanks, Shayne!

He Truly Cares About The People He’s Helping

As unfortunate as it was to need this service, the professional and respectful help I received from Mr. Ferrell made this experience much easier. I appreciate his taking time to explain everything, and get a sense he truly cares about the people he’s helping.  I didn’t expect that when I made the call. Thank you Break Em Out!” – Christina B., Five Stars, Yelp

We wanted to close with Christina’s kind words because it highlights so much of what we try to achieve on a daily basis. We aren’t perfect, but when we hear that our hard work goes noticed, it helps us continue to try to grow on a daily basis. Christina, thanks for pointing out our dedication and genuine care. We thank you for your business, and, should you ever require our bail bond services again, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Choose Waco’s Best Bail Bondsman

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog as much as we enjoyed compiling it. It’s always nice when you get the chance to let your customers do a bit of free marketing for you!

More seriously, we want our prospective customers to know that they can count on us to be efficient, competent, and in their corner. If you need a Texas bail bond agency worth their salt, we are more than up to the task. Choosing us means you get access to more than simply industry professionals. You get an advocate who treats you like family. While you might not have taken that claim seriously before you’ve read today’s blog, we hope that you can see that your freedom is our business here at Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds; and we mean business.

Reach out to us, 24/7.