A notary public. A public notary. A notary. All these terms mean the same thing in most cases — they provide notarizations. “Providing notarizations” is another way of saying a notary public is someone who administers oaths and affirmations while also taking statutory declarations, taking affidavits, and authenticating certain kinds of official documents. What’s more, notaries can take legal acknowledgments of a wide variety of certain documents, such as deeds, protest notes, bills of exchange, and many other kinds of official acts.

As you can tell from the above paragraph, notaries do a whole lot. However, we realize that most people who have made their way to Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds’ blog are looking for public notary services in McLennan and Bell Counties for a particular reason. Usually that reason has to do more with accelerating the Texas bail process in some way, shape, or form.

We understand that you might not be interested in the full scope of services that a Texas notary public provides, but that won’t stop us from telling you about it! But, seeing as how our main concern is helping you or your loved one gain their freedom as quickly as possible (and for as little money as well), we’ll discuss our public notary services insofar as they relate to the bail bond process prior to us discussing the in’s and out’s of all that our notary services can do for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into how we can help you gain your freedom — faster and for free!

Texas Notary: Gain Your Freedom For Free

First of all, you should know that we provide 24/7 notary services in Waco, TX, and beyond. Plus, we are a free notary! This means that any time of the day, any day of the week, you are able to receive these important services, which help make sure all of your signatures and documentation will be upheld in court.

What Does Notarizing A Document Do?

We are proud to serve Killeen, Waco, and the surrounding region in Bell and McLennan Counties. We can be the official witness you need to make sure everything is properly prepared for your court date.

By adding a seal on whichever documents need to be ratified, you ensure the authenticity of your signature. In the event that someone disputes the authenticity of your signature or another aspect of your document(s), the notary seal backs you up.

At the end of the day, it’s about being well-prepared for your court date so you can give them one less reason to lock you up. Plus, our services are free at Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds — any time of the day or night! This should help give you the peace of mind you need. We do our best to make the bail bonds process simple and stress-free. It’s one more thing we can take off of your plate, and one less thing for you to worry about!

What Does A Texas Notary Do?

Well, if you were to ask us that question, we’d point to what we just wrote above. Our notary services are almost always connected to accelerating the bail bond process. But, obviously, not every public notary is also a bail bond agency, and many other notary publics provide a wide range of services — many of which we touched on above. However, for the remainder of today’s blog, we’ll be illuminating those services in greater detail. If you’d like any of these services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can discuss the specifics with you.

  • Administering Oaths & Affirmations – When someone pledges that a document’s contents are truthful, an oath can be officially administered by a public notary. A legal notarization requires the physical presence of the notary when the person affirms the truthfulness of a document or makes an oath (used in oral depositions).
  • Taking Depositions –  A Texas notary has the ability to issue a subpoena for a written deposition. However, this is rarely done and requires serious caution when being authorized by a notary.
  • Making Certified Copies – Public notaries are often required to make sure that a photocopy is a genuine copy of an original document. Our job is to certify such documents when an individual needs to make an attested copy. We are legally unable to notarize a photocopy; all documents must be originals. Further, it is illegal for certain kinds of documents to be made into an attested photocopy. Among them are death certificates, birth certificates, and divorce records. We keep a photocopy of each document that we certify here at Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds.
  • Take Acknowledgments & Proofs – Acknowledgments are a slightly less complicated version of an oath, legally speaking. In this case, our duties are simply to witness the document being signed in order to ensure that the document is being signed voluntarily. It does not matter what the content of the acknowledgment might be, our job is simply to make sure the acknowledger, if you will, completely understands the content of the document(s). You can trust our bail bond agency to scan the document to ensure authenticity (and prevent later tampering or altering). We’ll also do our due diligence to make sure that all signers have a complete grasp of what is happening and what the document at hand pertains to.
  • Protest Instruments – Notaries can still protest instruments, which involves issuing a certificate of dishonor, but 21st-century banking advances have rendered this practice virtually obsolete. In fact, unless a notary has experience in protesting an instrument, we are legally obligated to refuse the request.

No matter what public notary service you are interested in, you can trust our Waco bail bond company to be detail-oriented, responsible, and fair. We have a passion for going to bat for our clients, going the extra mile to make sure you get your freedom as quickly as possible. On top of that, we aren’t interested in charging you an arm or a leg to make a quick buck.

Contact Break ‘Em Out Bail Bonds for free notary services in Waco and beyond!